Dog Days

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Encyclomedia has long been known to have a studio dog or two patrolling the halls or peeking in on set to make sure things are going as planned.  Penny led the early pack and was often found snoozing in a sunny spot if she could find one.

Special appearances have been made through the years by Lewis, Apollo, Syd, and quite a few others.

Nola is a real crowd pleaser.  She’s here for all the pets and is chill enough that she can even hang out on the soundstage when the cameras are rolling.


Pandemic puppy Chuleta is super excited to meet everyone.  She won’t be found on set yet, but she’s a regular in the edit suites and is getting pretty good at Premiere.  

Stop by sometime for a tour of the studio or a meet and greet with the studio pups.  They’re looking forward to meeting you.