Girl Power


Working with the conference genies at The Defining Point, we created a full campaign of videos that was used for a recent girl-powered conference. The videos ranged from live action to animated motion graphics pieces with one video sitting right in the middle of those two worlds. It featured actors shot on our green screen studio with composited effects and backgrounds. The complete video package includes over 20 videos.

The videos themselves involved tons of different setups and locations, ranging from an epic road race (The ATL Race in Castleberry Hill put on by Run Social) to a high dive to a robotics classroom. We were able to pull out lots of different tricks to capture the action. For the running scenes, we used our drone and a bike/bike trailer combo to tow our cameraman just ahead of the runners. We brought out our 18-foot jib to capture the actor climbing up to the top of the high dive and then an underwater camera to snag the shot as she entered the water below. 

The best part about the production process was all the amazing talent we got to work with, featuring girls ages 7-30.  They were professional, talented, strong, and fearless!  Thanks so much to everyone involved!  

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