encyclomedia demo reels

Thanks for stopping by to let us show off our video production services just a little bit. Featured here you’ll find our main studio demo reel as well as our motion graphics, aerial, and time-lapse reels. 

Our main studio reel showcases little slices of a lot of what we do - we shoot and edit great video and then polish and package it into pieces our clients are proud to use. If you’re looking for video production help from professionals who are also fun to work with, let’s talk! 

Our motion graphics demo highlights the range we can have in this area. We’ve just about done it all including typography, cartoon animations, product demos, logo animations, explainer videos, infographics, software tours, as well as a truckload of titles, lower thirds, custom bullets and slides, and fancy swirly, curly things. From getting complicated ideas across to just plain making something look cool, encyclomedia can help.

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective, and our drone reel will show you why. Drone shoots are an easy way to seriously up the production value without seriously tanking the budget. What kind of projects work well with a drone? Real estate, marketing, event shoots, any time you want something to look really impressive are all good drone applications. Another benefit of using a drone is that it can be done quickly. There will be virtually no way to use lights or a lot of the other toys that come into play so setup is fast. And drones are a great substitute for slower methods of capturing different motion shots that often have a big footprint like a crane, jib, dolly, etc.

Time-lapse photography and video has long been a passion of encyclomedia’s founding fathers (or brothers), so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. There’s no better way to show the passage of time whether it’s the construction of a building or the rising and setting of the sun.