Matt Sigmon - Motion Graphic Magician / Musician

Matt’s life so far has been a kind of existential off-road experience that’s covered a lot of uncommon territory, but against all odds and a number of ongoing wagers, it appears he’s found a home doing Encyclomedia’s delicate work of motion graphic design, compositing and special effects. Kidnapped[1] by his own parents at an early age and moved to a downstate Illinois farm that resembled an amateur stage production of The Mother Earth News’ evil twin, drumming and guitar playing became a refuge for his love of creative expression. Forming his first band at 16 with his wife-to-be, Julie Anderson, their independently produced music video aired on the fledgling MTV network before signing a recording contract with Epic/CBS a few years later.

Always keen to expand, Matt’s passion for the unconventional lead to explorations in ambient composition, abstract drawing and writing, while his technical abilities earned him positions engineering for broadcast at events like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and the both Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 2000. In 2007 he was introduced to motion graphics by his pal Tom Martinek from ILM while developing an original comedy podcast, and after cutting his chops on freelance gigs for 5 years, he fell in with the creatively kindred critters at Encyclomedia. Oh, and after some 33 odd years, he’s still married to Julie[2].

[1] Ok, apparently it was more of a legal abduction, but still.
[2] Margin of error in estimate of accumulating anniversaries +/- a decade.