Lance Holland - Managing Partner

For the last fifteen years, Lance Holland has built Encyclomedia into a highly respected, award-winning production house for developing, producing and posting creative, commercial and corporate projects around the world. After earning an undergraduate degree in economics from William & Mary, Lance had absolutely no idea what to do with his life. “So I did what everyone else was doing in the 90's," he said. " I applied to business school and began my training to become a 6-figure-making-bean-counter.” But while studying for his MBA at Georgia State University, Lance had a fortunate change of heart. Using his fledgling video company, he developed a model for a new type of business--one that marketed and promoted itself through strategic partnerships and alliance with other similar companies.

Out of this model, Lance, now teamed with younger brother Burt, created Encyclomedia in 1997. Priding his company on customer service, integrity, and professionalism, his good nature and shrewd business acumen soon drew other creatives to his consortium, which has grown from the original four companies to over 15 thriving businesses including web designers, video game developers, music producers and film editors. Lance lives in Decatur with his wife Christine and their two daughters, Sydney and Sophia.