Kent Maxey - Director of Photography

Kent Maxey has spent the last fifteen years honing his craft as an expert videographer in television, movies, commercial, concerts and corporate productions. His adventures in cinematography have led him back and forth across the globe numerous times, taping such political figures as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Colin Powell, Al Gore and Newt Gingrich. He has hung from flying helicopters, speeding cars, racing snowmobiles and galloping horses all in the name of art. Known for his skills for capturing moving images with moving cameras, Kent has used a wide variety of handheld, steadicam, camera and crane equipment for CNN, WSB, ABC and the Olympics. His extensive experience in telecommunications has also involved productions for MCI, Bellsouth, Cox, ESPN, and CNN. When not shooting something somewhere for Encyclomedia or any other production companies, he escapes to his roots in the Great Smoky Mountains to be near the rolling hills, tall trees, and gurgling creeks.