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The Making of the Sunflower Gate

We spent several months working with Andrew Crawford and his team at Ironworks to capture footage for this 15-minute documentary piece, shooting a day here and there at the Ironworks studio, the Atlanta History Center, and the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.  Crawford is an artist who works primarily in iron and bronze, crafting everything from sculpture of all sizes to gates and railings for museums, businesses, and private homes. He constructed “Lift,” a 28-foot-tall fabricated-steel piece outside the Federal Reserve on 10th street and also the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s iron gates.  For this piece, we followed the creation of the sunflower gate, one in a series of six ornamental iron gates that Crawford and his team created for an exhibit at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. The finished documentary plays as part of the gallery exhibit accompanying Crawford’s installation at the gardens. Here’s a small snippet of the full video.

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