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Diebold Gives Back - Sarahuaro Fundacion

Diebold has been traveling to exotic locales for its sales meetings for many years. Recently though, they’ve added an extra component to these trips. In addition to supporting the local communities of their host cities, they’ve also sought out and researched a deserving local organization in each city and made a donation to them. We’ve been lucky to help document the events, so we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these great local nonprofits and the amazing people who run them. This year, Diebold supported the Sarahuaro Fundacion, a nonprofit organization that helps to educate and provide services to the most in-need population in Los Cabos, primarily women and children. They seek to “foster ownership, responsibility, pride, self-esteem, and confidence through education, training, and accountability”. And they’re doing a tremendous job of it! They’ve helped so many people and are making a huge difference in stopping the cycle of poverty in the Los Cabos area. We were honored to work with the Sarahuaro Fundacion and hope we did a small part to help the world see the good that they do with the creation of this video. 

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