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E.R. Snell Contractor

Play in the dirt again?  Yes, please!  We had a blast working with construction firm ER Snell Contractor to create a new training video for them.  We first met the firm around 15 years ago when we worked on their original training and compliance video. It worked so well for them and they were able to use it for so long that they knew right away to call us when they wanted to make a new version.  We went out to a number of different construction sites in the top half of the state to gather the right kind of footage to illustrate all of the instruction copy in the video.  The full video is over twenty minutes long and uses all kinds of footage - drone shots high above bridge construction, GoPro shots captured from the ends of super-tall cranes, time-lapses of huge beams being put into place.  The short sample here is from a recruiting video that we created using footage from the training video.

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