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HD Super Sales

Home Depot enlisted our help not once but twice this year to showcase the super appliance sales they had for the Fourth of July and later for Black Friday.  For both holidays, we produced a series of 6 videos each focusing on an appliance suite.  The videos were created to familiarize Home Depot associates with the appliances, their features, and their extra low sale prices.  Our goal was to convey all this info and to make them entertaining to watch.  How'd we do?  We'd love to hear what you think.

We constructed the kitchen and laundry sets here on our soundstage, and we enlisted some special help to make sure everything looked just right, even down to the crust on the apple pie in the oven lit by one of CB’s handy LED lights.  During the shoots, we brought out all the toys, including jibs, sliders, and a crazy snorkel lens, to get a nice variety of shots to showcase the appliance features in a variety of ways.  Thanks to all cast and crew for their effort and energy on these videos, and a big thanks to Joan Karpeles for her role as appliance wrangler extraordinaire. 

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