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Serving Up Sales

November 25, 2015

This year, we had the opportunity to build giant kitchen sets on our soundstage not once but twice to feature appliance suites for The Home Depot.  The first set promoted their 4th of July sales and the second, Black Friday.  In each case, we enlisted the help of some very talented people to design, construct, and decorate a full-size kitchen and laundry room on our soundstage.  Then it was up to us to create a total of 12 different videos featuring 12 appliance suites.  The challenge was to make them all interesting and unique while conveying the relevant info and special pricing about each machine.  We employed some fancy camera moves, props, a little comedy, quick cuts and quicker graphics to get the job done.  With a little help from our talented talent courtesy of the Home Depot, the videos and the Home Depot sales were a success.  Special thanks to Joan Karpeles for her indispensable help as appliance wrangler. 

More pics on our facebook HERE and HERE

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