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And now for something completely different

January 26, 2016

Motion graphics are definitely taking over in the world of corporate video production.  While we’re big proponents of the connection you get from seeing and hearing an actual person, graphics can really do the trick for some projects.  The neat thing about motion graphics creations and animated pieces is that they can be absolutely anything.  You’re not limited by that pesky thing called reality when you’re making decisions about what you want your video to be.   Though the trend has been towards typography and text-based treatments, encyclomedia’s motion graphics guru, Matt Sigmon, really got to bite into something different with a recent project for Home Depot.  Channeling Monty Python with a home decor twist, Matt created a seriously unique piece that’s witty, interesting, and gets across the relevant info.  Wanna check it out?  Head on over to the Featured Page under Portfolio or click HERE to view the director's cut of the video.  

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