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New Year, New Gear!

New Year, New Gear!

January 1, 2014

Hey there! Yeah, you! Happy holidays and a very happy new year to you, too! We're wishing you all the happiness you can stand this year.

We got ourselves a couple pretty fancy presents this year, and we're excited to spend 2014 putting them to work for our awesome clients! First up was the new camera body we added to our arsenal - the Sony F5.

The Sony marketing says the camera shoots "truly gorgeous HD", and we would be most inclined to agree. It also shoots high speed (240 fps), so we've had a bit of fun playing with that, aka there may be some interesting footage of Lance's dog running in circles floating around the studio somewhere.

We then added the R5 recorder for the camera, so in addition to being able to shoot HD and 2k, we can now shoot 4k. Yes, ladies and gentleman, 4k is here, and we're rocking it.

So camera bodies are cool, but the glass you use is equally as important if not more so. We're quite stoked about our most recent acquisition, the Fujinon Cabrio Premiere 19-90 T2.9 PL lens. It's got encyclomedia's managing partner, Lance Holland, gushing like a proud, new papa: "It's one of a new generation of smaller, lighter-weight PL mount lenses that have all the optics and precision operation of larger cine-style lenses in a smaller package.  In addition, it has a removable handgrip that houses servo motors for zoom and iris like a traditional ENG lens, so it's perfect for handheld and ENG shooting.  It's called the Cabrio because the removable grip makes it a 'convertible' lens (get it?). In addition to the high-end optics, the lens can communicate with high-end cameras like the Sony F5/55 and Arri Alexa, sending metadata revealing all of the lens settings of a particular shot including iris, focal length and focal distance."

Yep, definitely sounds like you may want to avoid Lance or you may get stuck looking at baby pictures of our new, little Fuji.

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