encyclomedia - create.produce.post

What do we do?


Sure, it’s a tag line, but it pretty much sums it up.

CREATE: Develop the right concept for your needs. We’ll take care of it whether you already know what you want or you’re looking for creative minds to promote your message. We’ll write scripts, draw up storyboards, cast characters, scout locations and get the production process rolling.

PRODUCE: Complete location and studio shoots; camera crews, grip, audio, light, soundstage; we deliver it all. You can find anyone to shoot a video for you these days. But do you want just anyone to do it?

POST: Double meaning here. We are a post house, but we also help you post your project where it needs to be. There are a million ways to deliver video: online, HD, mobile, podcast; and you need to be able to do them all - we can. Does that sum it up?